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Sustainability is a part of my life. I’ve been started a research about this topic. This time I asked the fashion label ZARA about this issue.

Below you can read the answer:

„Thanks indeed for contacting us with regard to “The True Cost” documentary. The audit controls and visits procedures implemented by Inditex guarantee the sustainability of the Inditex supply chain (please visit Even when most of the manufacturing at Inditex takes place in proximity (mostly European areas), the company has implemented straight procedures to monitor all the supply chain through nine clusters in the different geographical areas.

Inditex works in these procedures with the Federation of Unions IndustriALL (which represents 50 million workers in 142 countries), the guidelines of the Better Factories Programme of the ILO and the criteria of UN Global Compact. Inditex agrees with the opinion of the Ethical Trading Initiative ( and understands that all the room for improvement in this never ending task of achieving better supply chains must come from the joint effort of all the players involved in the industry.
Best regards.“

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