Summer Look – green and beige

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It is always a pleasure to meet my sisters’ best friends. You have to know they are like my sisters, too. Each of them has some traits of my lovely sister. She was a style icon for this beautiful woman and of course for me, too.

Celebrating is like to meet my sister again

On this day we celebrated the birthday of one of them. So every time we meet and celebrate something, we make a photo session, too. They all know how to pose and how to make a great pic. That’s why the pictures are always phenomenal and I am so grateful to know each of them, not because of the nice pics, but because of their lovely characters, which remembers me of my sister. It is like smelling her body odor. I remember this time, when we made this sessions with my sister. I always think about her while creating a new style. So was this time, while I was choosing the clothes for this birthday outfit. “How would she wear that? Which colors would she choose?” I thought.

My beautiful shopping queen

She loved to watch shopping queen and I watched it often with her during her disease. So know I am keep on watching it and remember all the wonderful time I am so grateful for. I am grateful for this amazing present and thank God, that I always remember and smile during thinking of her. Rest in peace my beautiful sunshine.

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